4 Ways To Achieve Your Career Goals Faster As A Nigerian


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4 Ways To Achieve Your Career Goals Faster As A Nigerian

It is very vital that you always set a goal(s) for yourself within your career. Your goal might range from how to get promoted, how to get more skills, how you can make a bigger profit from your business, or finding a new, fulfilling career path. Your goal set keeps you focused and enables you to stay motivated at all times. However, you don’t have to beat yourself up whenever you are unable to achieve a set goal. Sometimes, failure is inevitable and nobody says that is bad.

Although, the good thing is that we achieve our career goals at the most possible time. So, let me highlight how you can achieve your career goals even as a Nigerian:

Motivate yourself:

If you can set goals for yourself, it means you are naturally motivated but, sometimes you know, you might need some external factors that will push you to do more, that will accelerate your journey, and will enable you to achieve more with less. Now that most organizations have directed their staff to work from home if you work with one of such organizations, you work from home, then you can subscribe to motivational podcast channels or watch motivational videos on Youtube.


Another essential factor to achieving your goals is learning to prioritize your tasks. Working from home could sometimes have its own disadvantages, one of such is that you tend to work round the clock trying hard to work all your tasks all at the same time. You are not a superhero (even Superman saves one life at a time) and no matter how much you try, you can’t do everything at all times.

We all have busy lives and we always do not want to miss out on anything, this sometimes make prioritizing difficult. It becomes more difficult if you have people that depend on you such as your children who are growing up fast. We are not advising you to put all your focus entirely on work, however, if you have set some career goals for yourself, you might need to sacrifice something. The point here is that you should learn how to sit yourself down and work on how exactly you will be prioritizing your tasks.

If this means you will be giving up on your book club for some time, let it happen. Just ensure that you don’t sacrifice the time you spend with your family and friends.

Make them realistic

Yes! It is awesome to be ambitious, but ask yourself, are you setting realistic goals for yourself? What is the point of setting a goal that will not come to manifestation anyways? Setting unrealistic goals will only make you lose confidence in your abilities, you will always beat yourself up for not achieving your goals, meanwhile, you are not just being realistic with the goals.


Starting small with your goal is vital. You should also not set too many goals at a time. There is a way small achievement adds to your level of confidence. When you start achieving smaller goals, you will be more ready to start setting bigger goals, hence, consistent achievement and success will become your middle name.

Be specific

You should be clear, concise, and specific in your goal setting. Otherwise, everything gets muddles and you won’t be able to measure your achievement. Sometimes, we often find ourselves in this grey area where we discover loopholes for our breakthrough or lack of it. For instance, if you set a goal that you want to warm more money, what we determine whether you have made more money or not? Is it after an extra ten thousand naira? Hundred thousand naira or a million naira?

Alternatively, if your goal is to earn an extra 20% income in the next four months more than the previous months, then, you will know and it becomes clear to you that there is a metric at which you will measure your achievement at the end of four months.

Knowing that you have created boundaries for yourself in your goal setting will make you put all your efforts into achieving it. When you achieve these little set goals, that is when the feeling of greatness will come to you and that makes you happy.


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