4 reasons why you need to create a wish list this year


4 reasons why you need to create a wish list this year
If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what a wish list is, let us cut to the chase. A wish list is a list of wishes. Simple, right?

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These wishes can include everything from wanting to make certain financial milestones before your 30th birthday all the way to crazy dreams like trying bungee jumping at least once in your existence.

For most adults, having a wish list isn’t something that is prioritized. We simply try and make mental notes of all the dreams we have and eventually those wishes are forgotten.

This year, you should revive your wish list by writing down all the goals you would want to achieve in your lifetime regardless of how unachievable they might seem.

There are many benefits of doing so and these are some of the reasons why you should make one.

1. It’s a source of motivation

A resolution is something that motivates you for a year but a wish list keeps the energy for life. They aren’t time bound and that is what makes it more exciting.

Life is tough and you do need something that will remind you not to give up whenever you’re feeling down. Think of all the life experiences you would wish to have and write them down so that you can always refer back when you need to.

2. It builds self-discipline

A list of wishes doesn’t only reflect the fun things you would like to try like having dinner at an exotic location. It should also include some serious real life goals you have like graduating at the top of your class by the time you’re done with college.


Those parts of your list need discipline and action. When you start working towards those goals, you add more positive values into your life that will enable you to achieve even more.

3. It encourages good money habits

Everyone’s goals might be different but a common theme you will find is financial goals.

You might be thinking of owning a home or saving up for something you have always wanted. In order for those dreams to come alive you need to create a realistic plan.

And if you don’t give up on your wish, you will eventually see that the everyday financial decisions you’ve been making were worth it. This is a win because you will have gained financial wisdom as well.

4. It makes life more meaningful

Wish lists are so important because they help you understand who you are, your direction in life and how to navigate your relationships with others.

Your list might include reconciling with your estranged father or gathering the courage to fully mourn the end of a relationship you have never seemed to let go of. These relationship wishes on your list bring clarity, peace and healing.

5. It helps you see different life perspectives

Wish lists also encourage you to be the best version of yourself as you aim to try new experiences. You only have one life to live and that is why you need to be more open to stepping outside of your comfort zone.

This year, challenge yourself by writing down a list of your top 100 wishes and enjoy the ride.


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