3 Things To Help You ‘Dodge’ This Year’s Valentine With Your Babe

3 Things To Help You 'Dodge' This Year's Valentine With Your Babe
3 Things that should stop Valentine from holding on Friday

1) Nnamdi Kanu parents’ funeral. Tell your girlfriend you’ll be attending the above burial ceremony, therefore, you won’t be around for Val.

2) Wolverhampton versus Leicester City match. When these two teams clash, it’s usually a crack, always interesting to watch and quite entertaining. Tell your babe your Friday evening is for the said match.

3) Mourning of boko haram victims. The recent boko haram attack in Borno state killed over 40 Nigerians. What is there to celebrate again when our fellow Nigerians are slaughtered like cows? Please we are still in the week-long mourning period declared by FG. Tell your babe this year’s Val should be shifted till next year. Lol

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