3 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Netflix’s “Squid Game”

3 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Netflix’s “Squid Game”

The effectiveness of this popular South Korean survival drama offers numerous marketing lessons that every business may utilize to boost revenue, demonstrating that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

With the number of active social media users at an all-time high, it’s reasonable to argue that the material available to audiences is more diverse than ever before. With it comes the potential for small and medium businesses to shine even brighter – it’s now feasible to make a huge impact for a fraction of the cost it used to be.

1. Word-of-mouth is more successful than the largest paid ad campaigns

To be honest, when you open a 100-year-old marketing book, word-of-mouth is generally what you read about; it’s considered an all-time classic strategy. I used to think of it as a minor component of any marketing plan, but Squid Game shows that it can be a key driving force in advertising.

2. When your brand has a viral TikTok trend, it’s bound for success

If you’re lucky enough to have a trend linked to your brand go viral on TikTok, you’ll almost certainly be financially successful. Squid Game has amassed a remarkable level of traction on the site, practically building an army of fans that support and share the inside jokes.

3. We don’t know what consumers really want until they show us

It may seem a little philosophical, but the truth is that we don’t always know what we want until we are given it.
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