28 And Still Yet To Hit Puberty, Please Help

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28 And Still Yet To Hit Puberty

I will be 28 in a month but i have not been able to hit puberty fully. Can count how many strand of hair on my pp, no armpit hair, no facial changes used to be short then i start growing from like 5.7′ to 6.5′. No lies it’s a very big disgrace when kids that will see my junior brother and bow their heads expect me to call them egbon.

But I have worked on my self esteem, gave myself confidence by reading inspirational books, learnt boxing, build my body, learnt dancing and i can very well say all this have really boost my confidence, i built my confidence by writing job application to jobs i know im over qualified for and intentionally bully the unlucky hr that will interview me �. I am able to read people and give good advices, as a matter of fact, i (despite my baby face) take adult Sunday School at church and I’m able to take my classes like a piece of cake (With God enabling me btw).

Never dated or toast before not cos im scared of being turned down inface i have a lot of babes that really show me emotions but because I’m scared of how the girl will act towards me when she find out my secret and i am gonna keep it that way because i can’t really take heartbreak because of something i can’t control. I
already have a good paying Job and finances not my problem so this is my only headache but will i still become normal? Have you overcome something like this? Or do you know how i can correct things?

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