15 Things You Missed In Far From Home Movie (Video)


15 Things You Missed In Far From Home Movie (Video)

Things You Missed In Far From Home Movie

Ishaya, Oga Rambo, Government, and the many crazy things on the way to success.

Here are 15 things you missed. Spoilers Ahead o.
1. Did you notice that Reggie getting Zina flowers wasn't random? At various points in the show, he watched her as she was excited when other people got flowers. Yeah Love in the air!

2. In other news, remember when Ishaya was bold to request for iPhone from someone that almost fed him to Angel? Well, he got his wishes as Government bought him iPhone 12 Promax.

3. They avoided showing the pole dancers' faces. Smart choice.

4. Carmen's long socks look fashionable but are not there to make her look fashionable; it was there to conceal the scars on her legs.

5. After revealing her greatest secret and fear to the world, Carmen drops her socks to show that she embraces her scars. Like Oga Rambo, she entered like Jaganban

6. However, before all that happened, did you notice the matching pairs of earrings to show Carmen and Nenna are best friends?

7. Have you noticed Carmen wears brooches with the shapes of insects like bees, dragonflies, and beetle? But butterflies are her favourite. Sometimes, she used it to adorn other things, like her locker's designs. They signify positive transformation, hope during a dark time, or a new beginning.

8. Carmen wasn't in the same class as her friends because of her accident. A trace back to the toilet indicated she had missed a year.

9. In case you don't know, Wilmer Academy is not a real college but a fictitious representation of a Pre-Versity setting in preparation for Ivy League Universities. So, if you're wondering why they wear uniforms, it's normal.

10. Also, the social and Fintech app, Blink is not real.

11. Lastly, Frankees is not real. But you should know that Frankees is derived from Frank. Yeah! So, you see, it's not real. You saw Logos for both Wilmer Academy and Frankees everywhere, right? It just goes to show how much effort they put into making it all real.

12. Denrele's recording of Frank's agony in the bathroom didn't happen by chance. He has been secretly looking for something to implicate Ishaya, like when he wanted to record Ishaya and Carmen after the class.

13. While we know that Frank bought the Kindle Pad for Rahila, you might have missed where he was planning to buy one for her.

14. You only know Liz Ajanaku as an Art lover and artist, but did you know that she was in love with someone called Woz? Who Woz is, we might never know.

15. Ishaya's earring is not a mere suggestion. It was actually a copycat of his Idol, Essien.
Bonus point: The symbolism of caging the wild beast was shown when Oga Rambo was caged. Meanwhile, the hyena was real.

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