“10 Reasons Most Ladies With Average Physical Beauty Are Better” (Opinion)


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The outward beauty of a woman is measured by the degree to which it is aesthetically pleasing or beautiful in terms of S3xual attractiveness or desirability. However, every lady is relatively attractive in a very unique way but there is no denying the fact that whilst some ladies are conspicuously attractive, some are just average in standard outward beauty assessment…

Nevertheless, I strongly believe that there are huge benefits for ladies with average physical beauty cos in most cases…


1. Most guys prefer to marry them.

2. They are more emotionally and physically available.

3. They give their men peace of mind cos they are naturally submissive and loyal.

4. Academically they are mostly at the top of their game and rarely get tangled in S3x for grades since lecturers don’t find them too attractive.

5. One fact no one can dispute is that they make it better in life cos they work extra hard with their brains…little wonder why most of the great achievers are of average beauty.


6. They are more productive cos they don’t slay on social media or offline and are less prone to depression over lack of likes over their pics or display of nudity.

7. They usually have very good character and other great qualities the very attractive ladies lack…

8. Cheaper to maintain cos they don’t get obsessed with trying to outlook other ladies in looks or spend foolishly on cosmetic enhancement…

9. They have very high self-esteem and confidence in themselves cos they don’t have the pressure or fear over their beauty fading away…they have come to understand that “Lookism” is essentially the same as racism or S3xism and nothing to do with reality at all So they care less what people think or say about how they look.

10. They are very good in the bedroom act. Whilst most very attractive ladies can be very boring in bed because they don’t want to be roughly handled, the ladies with average physical beauty care less and would throw all caution to the wind … I guess it is a way of making up for not being too hot and this is why many men find them S3xually irresistible.

Do you agree with these?



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