“10 Reasons A Guy Could Possibly Snub A Girl” (Opinion)


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“10 Reasons A Guy Could Possibly Snub A Girl”

Last night, I was chatting with a lady on whatsapp, she was telling me about how she called her boyfriend and how she was snubbed by him. So in a bid to give her possible reasons why he could have snubbed her – I surprisingly came up with 10 reasons. So I decide to share it here on Naijachoice.


Okay. Reasons why a guy could possibly snub a girl (supposed girlfriend☺️). Make sure you don’t miss no 5, 8 and 9.

1. You are not the only one on his radar

He has somebody else he really likes. He probably has somebody he is hitting on. In cases like this, he will always try as much as possible to keep you in case. All of a sudden, He may eventually come back being responsible, trust me, you are the 2nd choice and if 1st choice is available again, he mayn’t hesitate. I once saw a movie, a guy was really in love with Lady X, but lady X didn’t like him. He tried all he could, He bought gifts, tried hard – it didn’t work. He eventually dated another girl, Lady Y and still didn’t give up on Lady X because he genuinely liked her– Men-as-cum.

2. He is too busy

He is busy with something, probably his work (if he has one). This doesn’t affirmatively mean he has another girl but some guys don’t know how to handle work pressure with talking, calling and chatting a girl regularly. This happens to me at times, but I don’t snub, I’ll only make my feelings known and the concerned party understands. My work requires critical thinking and has a lot of deadlines. So most time I am always thinking about beating deadlines and coming up with accurate discussions for scientific papers for my clients and once I am done working – the lovie-dovie continues.

3. He needs your help

He’s going through something at the moment but nevertheless, if a guy really likes a girl, he will never hesitate to speak to his girl on the issue. I believe relationship has to do with openness. If a partner does not feel secure around you – there is a fire on the mountain – He is probably not completely soluble in your love. Some hide under the β€œI don’t want to bother you” umbrella, if you can successfully get him to speak, you are good to go.

4. You have offended him.

You should probably retrace your steps back to when last you were both cool and apologize for any wrongs. But if this has always been like that, this leads to no 5.

5. He doesn’t like you

Maybe you were the one that asked him out, if No, he doesn’t like you again. Also, there are some cases where a guy will toast a girl for fun, like just to play around, it happens mostly on WhatsApp, some girls do say yes. In this case, the guy won’t eject the girl easily – but the love is not there – some guys would want to just take advantage and then clean mouth. Something similar happened to me on this year’s April fool’s day, I asked a friend out, I really pressed her, I told her about how I had been keeping the feeling it to myself – she said, I was late that I should have told her earlier – she tried to pacify me cos she felt broken – maybe. I had to tell her later that night that it was April fool’s day, she pretended like it was cool – bottom line, she has blocked me ever since and we were very good friendsοΏ½ (If she had agreed and we continued, she might end up being snubbed by me from time-to-time because there is no genuine love)

6. He is a Psycho

He is probably a psycho – psychos are always confused and they don’t know what they really want. One time, they just want to talk to you, chat with you or play with you, another time, he just flips.

7. Low self-esteem

He probably has low self-esteem. Some guys feel like they are no match to their girl. Some guys feel bad because they have not been a real man for their girl, probably financially.

8. He is incapable of love.

For some guys, Love is an unattainable height – some guys are WAR – some are FIGHT – some are INDABOSKY.

9. Maybe you stalk him too much.

You probably stalk him too much. Some girls actually stalk their guys too much. Some always want to call their guys almost every hour, chat with their guy every time possible. Some guys prefer to just chat with their girl at least just once per day and they are cool. This doesn’t mean the love they have for their girl is not real. A guy can actually be in premium contact with you regularly and still cheat on you exclusively perfectly.


10. He is not mentally fit
Some girls are drama queens – some guys don’t have what it takes to contain their outburst. Some girls are virulent in nature, so most guys can’t handle the virulence – with time, some develop resistance and do not get affected by the drama again while some just chicken out by breaking up or by not giving the attention that you deserve.

NB: These are just my opinions, if you have any contradicting opinion, you can post it in the comment section below. Also, which one do you agree with the most, let us know in the comment section below.



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