10 Professional Codes Of Conduct For Managers


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Professional Codes Of Conduct For Managers

1. Do not excessively display emotional expressions like; anger, sadness, excitement etc.

2. Do not rain too much praises on any one particular staff member. Reserve some compliments.

3. Do not speak condescendinly to any staff member. Respect their position.

4. Do not share confidential or classified information with staff. Do not divulge closely guarded company’s secrets to them.

5. Do not talk too much to any of the staff.


6. Let your instructions be clear and concise. Speak articulately and straight to the point.

7. Do not wait around to see whether your staff will obey quickly after giving instructions. Walk away after issuing directives.

8. Do not show preference for anyone in particular, or grant too much favour to one above the others.

9. Commend their efforts occasionally with as few words as possible.

10. Do not invade their privacy or inquire too much about their personal lives.

Sosochi Patricks. Manager, #GeniQFotos.


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